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Mining: Anonymous trolls use racism, death threats to provoke

The Company is pleased to announce that project ramp-up is proceeding well with construction on the mill and mine sites. The following highlights summarize the latest project developments: -- Earthworks, concrete installation and steel erection are underway at the mill site. The contract for the mine site coarse ore storage has been awarded and the contractor mobilized. -- All vendors are mobilized and new delivery dates are being finalized. Most equipment has been ordered and is expected to be delivered to site prior to year end. -- Approximately 100 construction personnel are now on site, a peak of approximately 350 construction personnel is expected later this year.

Atlas Copco said order intake for its mining and excavation business fell 21 percent year-on-year and were also down compared with the initial months of 2013. Some 200 million crowns ($30 million) of mining orders were cancelled in the quarter. SHARES DROP Atlas's shares were down 3.7 percent by 1456 GMT while shares in Sandvik, whose earnings have historically been less resilient to cyclical downturns, fell 1.8 percent. Among other stocks in the Nordic cluster of mining suppliers, Denmark's FLSmidth fell 1.7 percent and Finland's Metso 2.6 percent. "People are really worried about mining," Handelsbanken analyst Peder Frolen said, noting Atlas had not delivered a beat on order intake in line with that reported earlier in the day by engineering sector peer Alfa Laval. "So the concerns about mining quite simply get a boost from this report." Atlas's compressor and industrial business, which like mining and rock excavation accounts for roughly a third of sales, fared better and tempered the fall in group order bookings to 9 percent for the group, roughly in line with analysts' expectations. Leten said in a conference call that mining equipment alone only accounted for 7-8 percent of its business.

Most likely, the group was created as a forum for conservatives to taunt protesters. Just how seriously such groups take themselves is less significant than the effect they have in deepening divisions in an already deeply polarizing political climate. It's an effect that we see often on social media, as anonymous trolls spew vitriol that results in an online political dialogue that is dominated by extremists, or people who get a rise out of pushing people's buttons. The trend is certainly not restricted to the right.A notable liberal example was a Twitter account that purported to belong to Cullen Werwie, former spokesman for Gov. Scott Walker, @TheCullenWerwie, which in addition to expressing a number of insensitive thoughts about the poor and the elderly, also sent out a number of relatively innocuous tweets that one would expect from a gubernatorial spokesman. At one point, a media outlet contacted the impostor for comment about an issue. The fake Werwie responded cordially, referring the reporter to the department of administration. At the time, the real Werwie dismissed those who would fall for such shenanigans as too gullible to worry about.

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