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Small Syrian Border Town Magnifies Rift Between Rebel Groups

 Cyclist Jacob Landis, who rode more than 10,000 miles to raise money for cochlear implants, will miss out on the final miles of his ride after being hit by a truck Saturday. Landis' goal was to ride to every Major League Baseball stadium; he says he'll still go to the final game on his jaket korea schedule.

 The president spoke at the memorial for the 12 victims of Monday's shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. While acknowledging the unique grief of the families present, he also called for change to prevent future mass shootings.

 An al-Qaida offshoot has taken Azaz from Western-backed Free Syrian Army fighters, demonstrating the growing power of jihadists. Azaz, an economic gateway between Syria and Turkey, is now cut off.

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