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South Korean Celebrities Love Balmain Stripe Satin Blazer

The Balmain 'Stripe Satin Blazer' which retails for a whopping USD$2,260.29 on Net-A-Porter seems to be a favorite among the South Korean celebrities. The blazer was worn by the stars at various events an TV programs.

North Korean Mystery Woman Is Leader Kim Jong Un?s Wife

Better Communication Under the late Kim, any firings or purges went unannounced or with very little detail, but with this young leader things are different, said Koh. The younger Kim seems to want to instill a sense of stability for the North Korean people by better communicating his decisions. One area where Kim hasnt deviated from his father is his attitude to South Korea. The regimes rhetoric toward Seoul has remained harsh, with KCNA regularly describing South Korean President Lee Myung Bak as a traitor and threatening to engulf jaket jepang online the capital in a sea of fire. South Korean troops discovered 16,000 North Korean propaganda leaflets in the border cities of Paju and Yangju between July 21 and 25, South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min Seok told reporters today in Seoul.

Evolution of Korean uniform for Summer Games

The mix of navy double-breasted jackets and gray pants worn in 1948 is replaced by white trousers with white buttons added to the jacket, more appropriate for the summer heat. The basic colors selected are white, red and navy, all of which symbolize the national flag of Korea, the Taegeukgi. The three colors are used in the jacket collars as well as fashion accessories including ties and scarves. In addition, a traditional British feel was added on top of the design; a combination of a navy blazer, oxford shirts and no-tuck pants.

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